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Sören Janstål
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Data Research DPU
Data Research DPU ab
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Sören Janstål
Sören Janstål

Ovum Evaluates: Service Management for E-business Applications

An Ovum Evaluation Service

Continuously Updated from January 2000


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For a fresh look at this new market, the competing products and your customers' expectations, subscribe to Ovum's continuous evaluation service.

Subscribe today to find out:

  • What your customers are demanding;
  • What your competitors are doing;
  • Where your market is heading;
  • And who is worth partnering.

Why you need this service

Discover what your potential customers want

How can you identify what your potential customer really needs when they currently buy management products as 'sticking plasters' when failures occur?

Only Ovum is placed to give you the market intelligence you require, having carried out a comprehensive survey of early adopter case studies. By continuously tracking both sides of this emerging market, and regularly reporting on where the gaps lie between vendor strategies and user requirements, we will help you plot a direct course towards fulfilling your potential customers' needs.

Track your competition as e-business shakes the market

The mature enterprise management market is about to be broken wide open by e-business, with established players under threat from start-ups and alternative vendors. How can you be sure that you position your company and products correctly?

This is the only detailed and truly independent source of information that digs into the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. products and strategies. We pledge to maintain up-to-date, in-depth coverage of all the key vendors. You. ll be able to second-guess their market strategies as we reveal their hopes, fears, concerns and goals for the market you share. Only Ovum can give you this expert, independent verdict on what your competitors can achieve, and whether they're on the right track to realise their potential.

Use partnerships to help you offer the whole solution

No one wants to be tied into complex, proprietary product suites. You need to establish a web of partners around your company that can, together with your core technology, offer customers the best of both worlds. But who is an ideal partner?

By continuously tracking all the key players, we will show you which other vendors have solutions and strategies that are complementary to your own.

See this new market from a fresh, objective view

Why do you need to invest in a second opinion on this new market? Because no matter how hard you try, your view will never be truly objective. It's always under attack from influences within your company - be they political, structural or, most often, through limited access to detailed market research. Ovum doesn't suffer from these constraints; we're independent, we've been watching the whole systems and network management market since its infancy, and we clearly explain our market analysis. That's why hundreds of software vendors world-wide invest in our expertise and compare their market view with ours.

Understand your potential customers' requirements

Predicting what your customers really need from you is not easy. That's why we're providing subscribers with revealing Early Adopter Profiles over the next 12 months. Find out how "end-user" companies are adopting business-to-consumer and business-to-business e-commerce: and see where ISPs, CSPs and ASPs differ in their software requirements.

Our initial research suggests that your potential customers are sceptical of those vendors who re-package existing management tools; many are also likely, because of budget restrictions, to be unable to purchase management tools where "traditional" pricing models are the only option. You'll find out what these companies are looking for, how they are coping with today's solutions and how you can adjust your strategy to fit. We profile companies like:


...and cover these important issues:

e-Business adoption history

We give you important background information on the current status of each company's service, and show how they've got to where they are today - helping you identify common e-commerce adoption patterns.

Current e-business/Web infrastructure

Identify the most common resources that need to be managed by your products as we explain how each company runs its service.

Current product use

Build a picture of the real competitive landscape through our analysis of which management products each company has bought to date, and which products are still in use.

Use of service providers

Track how your customers are interacting with service providers, and mould your products and strategies accordingly as we reveal how end-user companies currently use service providers and how they plan to in future.

Service measurement and justification

We explain how each company is expected to measure and report on the quality of service they deliver - whether they are reporting to internal business department heads, or to external customers. This information will help you understand what reporting and analysis tools administrators really need.

Identify the right battles, and understand how to win them

Even by the accelerated standards of the IT industry, your software market is moving extremely quickly. In such an environment, keeping track of the competition is difficult. In the e-business management market, life is made harder by e-business adopters taking their services to market via a number of different routes: some are outsourcing various activities to service providers; others are doing everything in-house. Our research shows that the route they take determines their management requirements.

So don't make life hard for yourself by ignoring our continuously updated evaluations of the world's leading vendors. This service from Ovum digs deep into companies' products and strategies, and assesses their suitability to real adopters' actual requirements. We will evaluate vendors such as:

Net Care

...and answer tough questions on each, such as:

  • What's their management philosophy: are they re-positioning existing products, extending them, or building new ones altogether, and why?
  • We have identified a number of key adopter "scenarios". How suitable is the vendor's solution for each?
  • The e-business management problem is much bigger than any one vendor's solution addresses. In which area does each solution's speciality and weakness lie?
  • How well does each solution provide an end-to-end management view?
  • Which vendor is moving towards, or away from, your target market?

We also pledge to continuously monitor this market's size and potential growth; all subscribers will receive an annual market forecast as part of their subscription.

For up-to-the-minute information from the heart of this new market, you need Decision Maker PLUS+

If you need regularly updated product information, customer profiles and market news in order to:

  • Compare our view of every important development in your market;
  • Sharpen your understanding of customer demand, as it evolves;
  • Track the competition, and assess the threat;

then a subscription to Decision Maker PLUS+ is for you. You'll receive:

Product Evaluations

- continuously updated for a whole year. As new releases become available, we'll update our key product evaluations to keep them current. We will also evaluate significant new products as they are launched. Subscribers to Decision Maker PLUS+ will receive additional evaluations as they become available.

Early Adopter Profiles

- throughout your subscription, you'll receive the latest profiles from adopters at the cutting edge of e-commerce.

Annual Market Forecast

Ovum's expert analysts forecast market development, predicting how sections of the market will grow or decline, and identifying the key factors behind this movement. Ovum's Annual Forecast provides you with the insight you need to plan your business strategy.

Regular Updates

Ovum Evaluates: Service Management for e-Business Applications will bring you regular updates on product and market developments to ensure that you stay informed in this fast-moving technology area.

Telephone Enquiry Service

Speak directly to the analyst team for additional information and advice when you need it.

Written by experts

Craig Wentworth, Lead Analyst

Craig is a Consultant at Ovum, specialising in systems management technology. He has extensive experience of managing databases, networks and complete IT systems in a wide variety of organisations. As a former IT Manager, Craig offers both a practitioner's and analyst's view of systems management technology and user expectations.

Neil Ward-Dutton, Consulting Editor

Neil is a Senior Consultant at Ovum, specialising in systems management, middleware and application development technologies. He is the author of many recent IT strategy reports, including Enterprise Application Integration: Making the Right Connections; Application Servers: Creating the Web-enabled Enterprise; Distributed Systems Management: the Key to Business-driven IT and Componentware . Building it, Buying it, Selling it. Previously he was editor of Middleware and the Internet and Ovum Evaluates: Client-server Development Tools. Neil has undertaken scores of evaluations and consulting assignments, and has built up an extensive understanding of today's application development, middleware and systems management markets and products.

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Give your rating of any IT vendor and get a market analyse report free of charge!

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