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Year 2000
A Guide to Software Tools


The Issues

The seriousness of the potential impact on organisations of the `Year 2000 problem' is finally being recognised. The cost of addressing the problem within many sites has been assessed and the stories of the budgets required are frightening. Software houses and consultancies are proposing man-time based solutions, a range of software tools vendors have enhanced or rebadged products as Year 2000 solutions and a number of approaches and methods have evolved.

This is a revised version of our 1996 report, broadening and updating our assessment of the solutions offered by the major legacy vendors, conversion houses, consultancies and tool vendors.

The Report

For organisations about to set-up their Year 2000 project, this report will be an invaluablr guide to the methods, tools and resource issues that need to be addressed when building up a total Year 2000 solution.

The report assesses the pros and cons of the outsourcing, do-it-yourself and partnership approaches to project resourcing and looks at the alliances being formed between tools and man-time providers promoting joint solutions. Over 30 of the leading software based Year 2000 solutions are reviewed and positioned in the market place.

Who Should Buy the Report?

  • IT Directors and Managers wishing to define a Year 2000 strategy.
  • Business Managers and Technicians wishing to understand the Year 2000 problem
    and its position relative to commerce.
  • Development Managers who require in-depth appreciation of Year 2000 development tools.
  • Project team leaders who are tasked with the evaluation of development
    environments for Year 2000 projects.

The Content of the Report

The Year 2000 Issue - an in-depth explanation of the problem, its cause and the way in which it will manifest itself if not addressed.

Addressing the Year 2000 Problem - the technical solution to the problem, a project lifecycle for Year 2000 projects, ways of resourcing labour intensive Year 2000 projects and where to get detailed advice.

Legacy Vendors - a brief summary of the assistance being provided by leading legacy vendors (IBM, ICL, Bull, Digital & Unisys).

Software Tools to Expedite a Solution - discusses in generic terms the types of software product available to help to provide a high quality, efficient solution to the problem.

Year 2000 Vendors and Their Products - an examination of the solutions being proposed by leading conversion houses and established tools providers, along with an evaluation of some less well known specialist Year 2000 software tools, identifying how they may assist in addressing the problems previously identified.

Vendors Evaluated

AMI Software Bit byBit Cap Gemini
Cayenne Circle Computer Associates
Computer Experts Compuware Cotec
Cyrano Data Dimensions Databorough
Domino Software Fitz Software INTERSOLV
LDRA Micro Focus Millenia III
PLATINUM Technology Polyhedron Software Princeton Softech
PTC Solutions SEEC Software Emancipation Technology
Sterling Software Thenon Thesaurus

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