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XML: Strategic Analysis of XML for Web Application Development

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Utvärderingsrapporten XML: Strategic Analysis of XML for Web Application Development, är från mars -00 och är på 174 sidor engelsk text. Rapporten innehåller:

Report contents

Executive Summary

  • What Is a Markup Language?
  • Why Was XML Created?
  • How Does XML Compare with SGML and HTML?
  • What Are the Primary Features of the XML Toolbox?
  • What Companies Are Developing XML Applications?
  • What Are Some of the Risks of XML
  • Industry Standards Organizations
  • How Does an Executive Leverage XML to Improve the Bottom Line?

The History of XML

  • What Is SGML?
  • The Problem with HTML
  • Why Not Use SGML Instead of HTML?
  • Will XML Replace HTML and SGML?
  • How Was XML Designed?
  • What Is an XML Document?
  • What Is a DTD?
  • What Are the Components of the XML Toolkit?
  • Client-Side Processing
  • What Are the Risks of XML?


  • What Is the Function of a DTD?
  • DTDs Define Rules
  • DTDs Define the Metadata
  • Metadata
  • Writing a DTD
  • DTDs Define Applications
  • What Is a Schema?
  • Creating a Document from a DTD
  • The Meaning of DTD Data Elements
  • DTD Standards Debate
  • Why Use a DTD
  • Well-Formed and Valid
  • DTD Advantages
  • Where are the DTD Standards?

XML Documents

  • What Is an XML Document?
  • Human and Machine Readable
  • What Does an XML Document Look Like?
  • XML Document Rules
  • What Are the Components of an XML Document?
  • The XML Prolog
  • HTML-Style Text
  • Plain Text
  • Data Identification
  • Reusability
  • Conventional Data Processing
  • Document-driven Programming

XML Applications

  • E-commerce
  • Business-to-Business (B2B) E-commerce
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • The Illusion of the Paperless Office
  • Data Mining
  • Development Tools
  • Visual XML
  • Web Automation Toolkit
  • XML Developer's Toolkit (XDK)
  • XML Viewer Applet
  • Markup Language Links
  • Wireless Computing

XML Parsers and Browsers

  • What Is an XML Parser?
  • XML Processors versus Parsers
  • Why Choose an XML Processor over a Parser?
  • SAX and DOM
  • How Are XML Browsers Different from HTML Browsers?
  • Parsing Perspective Differences between XML and HTML Data
  • Universal Data Interchange Format
  • Parsers and Browsers Online
  • Validating and Non-validating Parsers

XML Implementation Strategy

  • Focusing on the Audience
  • Exploiting XML Strategically
  • Creating New Business Assumptions and Opportunities
  • Planning for Total Customer Delight
  • Exploring Customer-motivated Innovation
  • The Value Proposition
  • The Profit Model

Risks: Corporate and Interoperability

  • Immature Resources
  • Security Risks
  • Legal Issues
  • Underestimating Costs and Resources
  • Conventional Operating Models
  • Technical Resources
  • Interoperability Risks
  • Migration from HTML
  • DTD Standards in Flux
  • Even One Can Make a Difference

The Future of XML

  • Universal Data Format
  • XML-based Data Warehouses
  • Semantic Web
  • Corporate Backing: IBM, Oracle, Microsoft
  • Forecast for the Next Decade
  • Faster Connections
  • B2B E-Business
  • International Trade
  • Convergence
  • Distributed Resources
  • Wireless Internet
  • Ubiquitous Web Servers
  • Emerging Specifications
  • Data Processing
  • Transaction Processing
  • Not Artificial Intelligence
  • Large-Scale Knowledge Representation
  • Relational Databases

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