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Client/Server Application Development:

Tools and Techniques

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Utvrderingsrapporten Client/Server Application Development: Tools and Techniques, r frn december -96 och r p 197 sidor engelsk text. Rapporten innehller:

Chapter 1: Client/server application development environments

  • First and Second Generation C/S
  • How to Choose the Right C/S AD Environment
  • New Tasks for C/S AD Environments
  • Review of Different Environments Available
  • Qualities C/S AD Environments Should Have: Scalability and Flexibility, Programmer Productivity Technologies, Scripting Languages, Visual Programming Environment, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Software Life-cycle Support, Programming/Testing, Maintenance
  • Future Trends: Distributed Program Development and Business Modeling

Chapter 2: Application development methodologies

  • Creating the Right Development Team
  • Problems with Using Workgroups in Development
  • Some AD Methodologies
  • Waterfall vs. Rapid Application Development (RAD)
  • The 3-Tier Development Approach

Chapter 3: Application development standards

  • The Corporate Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Central and Line IS Responsibilities
  • Adopting and Implementing the Corporate API
  • Imposing Standards
  • Planning for the Future
  • The Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Coalition for Software Productivity Through Open Systems

Chapter 4: Client/server pitfalls

  • Case Studies of C/S Difficulties
  • SQL Statements
  • Data Synchronization
  • Scalability of Pilot Projects
  • Screen Element Compatibility
  • User Empowerment Issues
  • The Importance of Version Control
  • Middleware

Chapter 5: Testing, metrics and quality

  • Testing Difficulties and Solutions
  • Types of Tests: Stress, Functional, Black Box, Acceptability, and Regression Testing
  • Testing Methodologies
  • Designing Test Cases: Test Case Independence; Avoiding Both Redundancies and Gaps in Testing; Test Early; What to Look for in Testing Tools; Pros and Cons of Automating Testing

Chapter 6: The tools

  • Upper, Lower, and Integrated CASE Tools
  • The Repository: Active Versus Passive Repositories; Lack of Enterprisewide Repositories; Standards for Repositories
  • The Marriage of CASE and ADT
  • 4GL Tools
  • Comparisons of 4GL Tools from Different Vendors
  • GUIs
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Inter-tool Compatibility
  • Miscellaneous Tools

Chapter 7: Object-oriented programming

  • Drawbacks and Benefits of Object Technology
  • Retraining Business Organizations for OOP
  • The Object Standard Wars: Microsoft Versus OMG
  • Interfacing with Legacy Applications
  • Three Legacy Access Approaches
  • Key Functions of OOP AD Tools
  • The Object Tools

Chapter 8: Graphical user interface development

  • Guidelines for Developing Great GUIs
  • GUI Development Tools
  • Some Cross-platform GUI Development Tools

Chapter 9: Electronic software distribution

  • Market Segments in ESD
  • Pitfalls of Buying an ESD Package
  • Planning for ESD Purchases
  • ESD Vendors

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